Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Snowdrops, Pudding and Chocolate [Daily Photo #1100-1107]

#1100: Got this book from the library, and now I want to buy it. :D

#1101: Simple vegan foods.

#1102: Snowdrops!

#1103: Dairy-free pudding!

Nom nom.

#1104: At Robert's Coffee.

Spotted lots of vegan chocolate in K-Citymarket Sello.

#1105: Sugar-free candy, because I don't just eat sugary stuff all day, I swear.

Fafa's! :D

#1106: Vegan banana chocolate.

Vegan meringue, omg!!

Vegan Middle Eastern food in K-Supermarket Redi.

So good!

A rose with a monstera leaf background.

#1107: My Schleich birds are enjoying their new lake. :D

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