Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rooibos and books. Ройбос и книги

Nom nom nom, I bought lots of yummy tea! ^.^
Ням-ням-ням, я купила много вкусного чайку! :)

Green tea and rooibos from Lidl.
Зелёный чай и ройбос из Лидла.

Green rooibos from K-Citymarket.
Зелёный ройбос из K-Citymarket.

Special for Rurousha :)
Ройбос из Седерберг (ЮАР), без консервантов и прочей химии.

And then I went to the library...
А потом я пошла в библиотеку...

And got books about drawing! Hopefully, I'll learn how to draw better finally. ^^
Взяла книжки по рисованию. Надеюсь, что они помогут мне научиться рисовать получше. :)

Someone wrote Russian translations...
Перевод на русский...

And then my husband insisted that I should read Terry Pratchett's Equal Rites, only to regret it a few seconds later – I was already laughing quite loudly at the first page.
А затем муж настоял, что я должна прочитать «Творцов заклинаний» Терри Пратчетта (Equal Rites в оригинале, т. е. «равные ритуалы», созвучно с equal rights — «равные права»). Он тут же об этом пожалел, потому что я начала ржать на первой же странице.

Mort will be next.
«Морт» будет следующим.


  1. Ysterplaat! I've been there! :D It's an old fishing community but also an air force base.

    "Lord Nelson" made me smile. It reminded me of the most gorgeous (and pinkest!) hotel in the world, the Mount Nelson in Cape Town.

    Aww, now you've made me all nostalgic.

    So happy that you love rooibos. You do realize that you're going to have to come with me to South Africa one day so that we can have rooibos in Stellenbosch? I want to take you here:

    PS: Now I can't remember. Have I shared that Hillcrest link with you before? It's my favourite "koek en tee" (cake and tea) place.

    1. Does Yster mean Easter?

      Wow, that hotel is really pink O_O Is it also cute? ^^

      As soon as Pirozhok becomes a superstar with lots of money, he'll take me first to Tokyo and then to Stellenbosch :D I see there are yummy berries there. I love berries ^.^ You won't mind meeting Pirozhok, right?

      "Raspberry and Blackberry vinegars" - I didn't know such existed!


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