Thursday, June 6, 2019

My November and December 2017 Reading

My extremely belated November 2017 reading is introduced to you by Evvi!

Ника Водвуд «Пёся» (Nika Vodvud “Pyosya”) [Russia]
Emmi Itäranta “Kudottujen kujien kaupunki” [Finland]
Лена Климова “Дети-404. ЛГБТ-подростки: в стенах молчания” [Russia]
Maria Turtschaninoff “Maresi” (The Red Abbey Chronicles #1) (translated by Annie Prime) [Finland]
Salla Simukka “Jäljellä” [Finland]

Short stories:
Alex Wells Angel of the Blockade” [USA]
Rebecca Roanhorse “Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience™” [USA]

Sima, Puppies and Books [Daily Photo #1123-1130]

#1123: The friendliest pup ever! :D

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