Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A Drop [Daily Photo #664]

It's suddenly warm and the snow is melting! T_T

Today's music is Utopia by the awesome all-female metal band Aldious!

IKEA Dinner [Daily Photo #663]

When a restaurant adds a new vegetarian meal to their menu,
can one stay home and not go try it? =D

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Friday, January 19, 2018

Chocolate Bear [Daily Photo #659]

Chocolate bear, chocolate bear,
You woke up in your lair
In the middle of winter night.
Lured by the scent
Of coffee, you went
To search for something to bite.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Covered in White [Daily Photo #657]


My June Pride Reading

My super-belated June reading is introduced to you by Furiosa! All the books I chose for June had LGBTQ characters. This time year I tried to feature more countries. (You can also check my Pride readings from 2014, 2015 and 2016.)

The reviews contain some spoilers, though I try not to spoil plot twists too much (with the exception of the book that angered me).

  • Meredith Russo “If I Was Your Girl” [USA]
  • Chinelo Okparanta “Under the Udala Trees” [Nigeria, USA]
  • Tittamari Marttinen “Ikioma perheeni” [Finland]
  • Julia Ember “The Seafarer's Kiss” [USA, UK]
  • Salla Simukka “Musta kuin eebenpuu” (Lumikki Andersson #3) [Finland]

Romanesco Fractals [Daily Photo #656]

Romanesco is such a beautiful cabbage!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Very Spicy [Daily Photo #655]

What can be better than spicy food when you have a cold? =D
A raita spice mix, made in Pakistan.

And Namaskaar takeaway: palak paneer and chana masala. ^^

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Friday, January 12, 2018

Guttation [Daily Photo #651]

When I bought a Monstera last year I knew that they sometimes drip water from their leaves. And it finally happened yesterday for the first time! =D Small joys in life. This process has a fancy scientific name – guttation, and it's perfectly normal. (You can read more about guttation here and here).  

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Aldious – We Are [Daily Photo #646]

Time for one more souvenir from Japan from my brother-in-law, aka The Bringer of Japanese Gifts!

For some reason many Japanese bands don't sell their music digitally on international sites like Google Play or non-Japanese iTunes (looking at you, Buck-Tick), so you gotta order actual CDs from online shops (unless you have The Bringer of Japanese Gifts in your family, of course ;p). But, some bands are worth the trouble!

One such band is…

Friday, January 5, 2018

Underdogs [Daily Photo #644]

I discovered Madder Mortem's music ages ago when I lived in Mordor, sorry, I mean Moscow. There was a late night show on a rock and metal radio station, that night's theme was Norwegian metal. They played a few songs by mostly new to me bands and I even taped some of that show! As soon is Madder Mortem's Rust Cleansing started playing I was hooked. It's still one of my top 5* songs of all time. =D It's just so perfect in every aspect!

* Well, I don't actually have a top 5 list, that would be too hard to choose, but I know that Rust Cleansing would definitely be there. ;p

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Not Frozen [Daily Photo #643]

The weather has been all over the place lately – snow, rain, fog, snow, drizzle… winter – not winter – winter. Lakes haven't had a chance to freeze properly yet which is a bit sad – I want to walk on lakes! Now! T_T

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year, Old Books [Daily Photo #641]

Although I got quite a few new books last birthday and Christmas I decided to start reading one of my “old” ones first, Planetfall by Emma Newman. I'm on Chapter 8 already and enjoying it a lot! ^u^ They say the way you start new year determines how all of it is gonna be, so I guess my 2018 will be full of books and space? ;p

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