Monday, May 26, 2014

Spiral Daisakusen

Yesterday I found toys on my desk. Guys, what are you looking at? Are you admiring my Enceladus wallpaper or...?

Spiral Daisakusen! Hey, did you all just buy me exist†trace's newest single? Aww, guys! Or was it my husband?..

Although I'm not a fan of the titular song Spiral Daisakusen (too pop), I enjoy Antique Doll and Yume Ni Kiss Wo. Antique Doll has Mally's drum solo ♡ and Yume Ni Kiss Wo shows off Jyou's voice perfectly. And, it's nice to support such a wonderful band. The single costs only € 2.97 on Google Play.

exist†trace's old songs are much heavier. \m/ I hope they'll release something like that too.


(my favourite, soooo perfect in its every detail)


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