Saturday, October 10, 2015

We moved!

In the end of September we moved to a new apartment! Now we almost finished unpacking and decorating the new place. Today I wanted to show you my work space. ^u^

I was told it looks like a jungle! XD

They tried helping us set up my computer. ^^;
(I think they actually wanted to Google for cat pics...)

The Owl observes and reminds me to be productive!

Two shelves for pencils and such.

My old chimes (from the Moscow life era).

One of the frog friends.

More frog friends...

We tried eating healthy during the moving...


… >u<;;;


We visited Ikea a few times. Didn't buy any toys!

Vegetarian Ikea noms.

Our new neighbourhood is lovely!

Even cool rocks for me. : 3


  1. It really is a forest lair!! :3 Smol white owlet hiding under the shelf <3 And your rat likes to look at cat pictures? Is it kind of like enjoying horror movies as a hooman?

    1. White owlet is staring at my exist trace stuff ^^ The DVD and photos are there.

      My rat likes cuteness! : 3 She knows I'll protect her from any mean kitty if needed!


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