Monday, November 2, 2015

Päärynä, Sauna Owl and Japanese Souvenirs!

We have a new friend from my mother-in-law! Kiitos! ^u^

How shall I name this toy? It's a polar bear... which rhymes with pear... pear is päärynä in Finnish... Oh! Päärynä!

Our old polar pear, I mean, bear, is a bit smaller.

Päärynä has funny emoji paws! :-0


And a tiiiiny tail.

Another new friend is this sauna owl! You put essential oils in her cup and she makes your sauna smell nice.

“It's not on! Why is it not on? I want to work!”
Because I'm not gonna enter a hot sauna! XDD Yes, Finland made me drink inappropriate amounts of coffee, eat salmiakki and pick blueberries in the forest, but sauna I stay indifferent to. ;p

We also got a package from Japan! : 3  ありがとうございます!
Japan is the land of unusual flavours! Tomato-flavoured, sugarcoated and salad-flavoured Pretz.

A nanoblock panda! @o@

Sailor Moon schedule book! : >

Makoto approves.

“Guys, guys, let's get some snacks!!”

Welcome to the shrine!

P.S. Autumn is pretty : 3


  1. Wow so much cool stuff today!! :D
    The sauna owl is so lovely! I want one for incense :>
    And those emoji paws XD Bless!
    The pandaaa... when will you build it?

    1. It was Henri who discovered the emojiness of her paws : >
      There are also sauna elks, lambs, hedgehogs and trolls like that!
      Panda seems daunting! So dunno yet XDD


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