Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My March Reading: Mercy, Cats and Puppies

Stuff I read in March is introduced to you by Bah-Bah!

Ann Leckie “Ancillary Mercy” [USA]
Sari Peltoniemi “Kissataksi” [Finland]
Holly Webb “Jess the Lonely Puppy” [UK]

Short stories:
Ekari Mbvundula “Montague's Last” [Malawi]
Roshani Chokshi “The Vishakanya’s Choice” [USA]
Darcie Little Badger “Nkásht íí [USA, Lipan Apache]

Ancillary Mercy
A great conclusion of the Imperial Radch trilogy. A space opera with agender AI protagonist – what could be more fun? Also, this trilogy has the best translator characters. ;)

Kissataksi (Cat Taxi)
A Finnish children's book about a boy who helps cats find a handyman for their lonely owner.

Puut tuntuivat joskus melkein kuin kavereilta. Juho ajatteli olevansa onnenpoika. Hänellä oli ihmiskavereita, eläinkavereita ja kasvikavereita. Ja herkullisia voileipiä.”
→ “Sometimes the trees seemed almost like friends. Juho thought he was a lucky boy. He had human friends, animal friends and plant friends. And delicious sandwiches.”

Jess the Lonely Puppy
This was such a cute little story! A girl defeats her fear of dogs and finds a friend in a puppy.

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