Monday, December 26, 2016

Ikean Tapaninpäivä [Daily Photo #270]

We went to Ikea today. To celebrate Tapaninpäivä (St. Stephen's Day) they had free horse carriage rides! The horse was lovely (of course! because HORSE). He looked intently first at my husband, then at me. He let me pet him! *happiness overload* I think he was a Finnhorse (suomenhevonen). He had a bell as part of his tack, it jingled cutely when we rode. ^u^ I wanted to take more pics after the ride, but there was already someone waiting for their turn, so I didn't.

Weehaa I met a horse! HOOOORSEEE!

*calms down*

Then we had lunch at Ikea.

And then we got an amaryllis for my flower collection (we have a few hyacinths blooming now). I've never had an amaryllis before!

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