Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Souvenir From the Woods [Daily Photo #313]

Hey guys, I brought you something fragrant from the woods.

Nora: “Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? A food of some kind?”

Latte: “My gums are very gentle. I shouldn't eat such crude foods.”

Brusnichka: “I saw you munching carrots the other day.”

Latte: “I'm sure they were steamed.”

Kaneli: “There's lots of vitamin C there, though.”

Untuva: “Maybe it's to build a house like this!”

Swans: “Peep peep it could be a protection from aerial vulture attacks!”

Furiosa: “Perhaps it's a horn decoration.”

Latte: “I once ate oats there were NOT hulled. Can you believe that? My lips and gums were sore for days! Why can't they give us smoothies and cupcakes instead?
I do not understand humans.”

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