Saturday, April 22, 2017

Duck Tales [Daily Photo #386]

At first there was only one duck to feed.

Then one more hurried up to join the feast.

Competitively, they ate super fast!

Then there was one more duck but he was a bully! When a fourth duck came, a smol lady duck, he chased her away! So I didn't give him any oat flakes or take any photos of him. ;p Instead I went looking for the smol lady duck and when I found her I fed her very well.

Meanwhile majestic swans were 100% indifferent to all the food and drama.

My husband asked if my daily photos are gonna be mostly ducks from now on… Nope, not at all! I'm sure there'll be other creatures! =D Ah, also, when I was sitting there feeding ducks a dog stopped near the food and looked at me curiously. ^u^ It was a cute dog!

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