Sunday, February 11, 2018

Alanya Market [Daily Photo #681]

The other day we went to Alanya Market in Espoo (the address is Kamreerintie 3, Espoo). It seems they mostly have Turkish food, but I did see some Russian stuff, like roasted sunflower seeds (unshelled, as it should be!) and zefir (an abomination for me, but many Russians love it). They have so many interesting sweets like rahat lokum and baklava! Fig jam, date syrup, chickpea flour, cherry juice, all kinds of beans and olives, teas, etc. So, of course we bought a couple things. Just a few! =D

Um… some things kinda disappeared quickly, sorry about a lacklustre photo. =D

My husband liked these cookies a lot.


Carrot cake. Very soft!

And these vegan and protein-rich cookies we got from a nearby K-market
(Virastopiha 1, Espoo).

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