Sunday, March 25, 2018

Many Questions About Snow [Daily Photo #723]

Furiosa: “Hey, Nora, do you have any idea why we still have snow here?”
Nora: “As an elephant, I do not really understand snow...”

Brusnichka: “Humans said it's because there is still snow outside. So we have it too.”

Latte: “Oh, so not because they are lazy to redesign our place? Very convincing.”

Untuva: “I like this… snow! It's soft like... down! Wink oink!”

Kepler: “Mooom, when can we swim in the lake???”

Pebble: “Hey, do you think we should relocate the stuff we hid in the snow soon?”
Dankie: “Uh oh!”

Latte: “Can anyone explain why I have a chicken on my back?!”

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