Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Leppävaara Delights [Daily Photo #810]

Part 1.
Beautifully blooming shrubs in Leppävaara, Espoo.

Part 2.
After admiring the flowers we went to Taj Mehal (Läkkisepänkuja 3) to buy “a couple noodles” and somehow... there were 12 packs of instant noodles and many other things in our basket, for 39,30 total. In my defence there was a discount on noodles, and it would be very un-Russian of me not to be seduced by a discount! ;p

Then we went to Sun Market (Läkkisepänkuja 4A) – we'd never been there before! We meant to just have a look, buy a couple things… Well! Their selection was huge, we just had to try this and that, you understand. So many pickles, sweets, olives, breads, etc. And we only spent 34,45despite buying a lot.

(The hoisin sauce was supposed to be on the previous photo, oops.)

Giant bread is giant.

Baklava, mmm.

Part 3.
I left the room for a moment, and look what my toys did!


What are you dooooing?

Part 4.
And then in the evening there was a double rainbow!!

The sky is gay.

Our garden is queer too. =D

Update: here are more photos of yesterday's double rainbows – people saw them in many towns!

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