Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Kierrätyskeskus and Peshawar [Daily Photo #824]

Yesterday we went to Kierrätyskeskus (Reuse Centre) in Espoo where they sell all of kinds of used things: books, furniture, clothes, toys, decorations, etc. It's close to the Kera train station, and you can reach it by bus, too. After that we had lunch in the nearby Pakistani restaurant Peshawar! Both Kierrätyskeskus and Peshawar have the same address, Kutojantie 3, 02630, Espoo.

From Kierrätyskeskus' site:

“Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre provides an alternative to single-use culture. At our stores you will find unique, usable second hand items and learn about environmentally-friendly consumer choices.
Reuse Centre is a non-profit organisation working for the community’s benefit. We stand with you enabling sustainable lifestyle and preserving natural resources. We have six stores in the metropolitan area: in Vantaa, Espoo and Helsinki. Our stores offer useful second hand items at reasonable prices, as well as information about sustainable consumption.”

Got lucky and found two lovely and cheap books!
A Finnish book about gardening for 4 euros.
Chinese Vegetarian Cooking for 2 euros.

Peshawar lunch.

It was very filling! =D


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