Friday, May 17, 2013

Chocolate for everyone? Шоколад любят все?

What to do when there's too much chocolate in your breakfast?
Что делать, если на завтрак слишком много шоколада?

Give it to the one who loves chocolate more. :D
Отдать его тому, кто любит шоколад больше. :D

P.S. I'm so addicted to the Softglow filter in GIMP... I used it on these photos as well.
З.Ы. Подсела на фильтр Softglow в GIMP... Использовала его и на этих фотках.


  1. "Give it to the one who loves chocolate more." So you mailed it to me? :D

    1. I did. Unfortunately, it was intercepted by my husband somewhere near the Chinese border.


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