Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy Women's Day! [Metal Version]

These badass rock and metal ladies are wishing you Happy Women's Day! ☆ \m/
Stay strong, girls!

☆ С 8 марта вас поздравляют эти крутые рок- и металл-дамы! ☆ \m/
Девчонки, оставайтесь сильными!

The Gathering – On Most Surfaces (Inuit)

Madder Mortem – Rust Cleansing

Aghora – Open Close The Book

Nightwish – Slow, Love, Slow

ReVamp – Distorted Lullabies

Arch Enemy – Instinct

Necro Circus – Rotten to the Core

exist†trace – End-less

More women in this playlist:


  1. It's come and gone, but ... here's to kicking ass for the next 365 days! :)

    1. Lady badassness and kickingassness are important all year long ^.^


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