Monday, March 31, 2014

Muscles, flutes and drums

In January my husband asked if I was gonna be available on March 26th. He wouldn't tell me what for. I kept that day free for him. So, it finally came and we went to Helsinki. We ate at San Pedro's, visited a bookstore (I didn't buy anything, gasp) and then he took me to the Savoy theater. o_O

The thing is, we don't go to theaters. So I was very puzzled. We entered, and I saw some kanji. 鼓童? Huh? :D He kept teasing me with silence, but eventually I got it. We're going to see Kodō, the taiko group!

Kodō One Earth Tour: Legend

Whoa! That was my dream! We found our seats and prepared to be blown away. Muscular men (and two ladies) played flutes, drums, drums and more drums. They sang too. The amount of clothes the men were wearing was steadily diminishing, so I got to enjoy some muscle-viewing ^.^ I mean, drums, drums were gorgeous and stuff. I was a little deaf soon and my palms hurt from clapping, but it was such a great show! And I got their T-shirt, which was Earth-friendly, yay.

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