Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Reading

I read 7 novels and 1 short story last month. ^^

Андрей Некрасов «Приключения капитана Врунгеля»
Mary Shelley “Frankenstein”
Agatha Christie “Destination Unknown”
Agatha Christie “The Mystery of the Blue Train”
Tracy Chevalier “Falling Angels”
Malon Edwards “In The Marrow” (a short sci-fi story)
Terry Pratchett “Witches Abroad”
N.K. Jemisin “The Killing Moon”

Made me laugh a lot. Featuring cute squirrels (in the Russian book) and badass old ladies with a very interesting cat (in the English one).

Dark stories from the masters, fantasy and sci-fi.

Mysteries to tickle my little grey cells.

A historical novel with lots of female characters.


  1. mmm great collection you have read, well done! I would love to have more time for reading as well :) Will try my best, but for now I am able to read only one or maximum two books per month :)

    1. Thanks ^^
      One of my secrets is often choosing easy-to-read or short books :D


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