Monday, April 14, 2014

Villa Elfvik (^ω^)

  Villa Elfvik is a wonderful place with a cute name, and I like to bring people there. Yesterday we went there with my parents-in-law. It felt strange that I didn't have to translate anything from Finnish, because I became used to doing it when taking Russians there. :)

Villa Elfvik tells you about nature of Espoo. In this shed there are pictures of local birds.

In the villa's Cafe Satakieli they bake delicious things, like this Finnish bun called voisilmäpulla (butter-eye-bun). It was still warm and melted in my mouth too quickly. I want more!

Two adorable horses live near Villa Elfvik.

The second horse is that dark blur on the far right. :D
Better photos of them here.

Easter gift from parents ^.^

So cute! Söpöliini!

Homemade blackcurrant jam, nommmm!

We also received a heirloom from my husband's granny – a samovar. It's funny that I never had a samovar in Russia. :D By the way, 'samovar' means 'self-cook'.

From Villa Elfvik: a calendar of local nature-related events.


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