Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fan Art Time: Rurousha The Cat

It is dangerous to visit Rurousha's blog late at night. You get sucked into it, write comments, read more, write more, and then it's 8am and you should be sleeping, but wait, here is more sakura! Ume! Penguins! There was something I wanted to do but kept postponing, and the last night/morning visit to Rurousha's space finally kicked my lazy bum, and lo and behold, I made it! The Rurousha fan art!

Please welcome the Barbarian Cat (of course it's a cat) who stalks trees, hisses at slowly moving obaasans and eats chocolate instead of mice. She loves yoghurt too.


The beginning.

Everyone who worked on the project.


  1. I've already thanked you on Google+, but again ...

    Wheee! I have my own portrait! Thank you SO MUCH. Baie baie dankie. I'm going to print this at work and put it on my wall. ^^

    Everything is so spot-on perfect. You know me far too well!

    1. It's not like you're hiding the truth about yourself :D And I had a few months to think about this picture. I'm really slow sometimes...

      Wow, my doodle printed and on your wall? ^---^ Take photos please? :D

    2. Rurousha! Vrou! Ek probeer al vir maande weer jou blog lees maar dit is skielik private? Well, weet net ek mis jou praatjies baie en ek dink kort kort aan jou. Drop a line when you're around again hey? I miss our chats. Ek moet nog kom kuier so jy moet nie nou disappear nie.

      Ekaterina, those are really well done! you should be very impressed.


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