Sunday, August 3, 2014

Books I read in July

I want to read books from all sorts of countries, not just Europe (so far it's mostly been Finland, UK and Russia), USA and Japan, so from now on I'll be paying attention to where the author is from. In July I read Caribbean, Irish and Korean writers for the first time!

This month, the books are introduced to you by the Trio of Curious Lizards!

My July Reading

Seija Samela, Juha Samela Mennään metsään” [Finland]
Natsumi Hoshino “Neiti Koume, tiikeriraita” (キジトラ猫の小梅さん, Tiger-striped Koume-san) [Japan]
武内 直子 美少女戦士セーラームーン vol.2 (Naoko Takeuchi “Sailor Moon” vol.2) [Japan]
Agatha Christie “The Mysterious Affair at Styles” [UK]
Agatha Christie “They Came to Baghdad” [UK]
Nekota Medetai “Hamsteripäiväkirjat” vol.3 (Hamster Club) [Japan]
Nalo Hopkinson “Skin Folk” [Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad, Canada, USA]
HyeKyung Baek “Bring it on!” vol. 1 [South Korea]
HyeKyung Baek “Bring it on!” vol. 2 [South Korea]
Justine Larbalestier, Sarah Rees Brennan “Team Human” [Australia, Ireland]

Mennään metsään is a wonderful book about Finnish forest.

We enjoyed its beautiful photos.

Tiger-striped Koume-san

Cats! Cats everywhere!

I also couldn't resist those hamsters again...

I plan to read all of Agatha Christie's mystery novels.

Caribbean folklore meets urban fantasy. 
Creepy creatures, beautiful language, lots of food descriptions.

On a whim, I searched for Korean comics (manhwa), and Bring it on! sounded nice, so I got it from a library. Main character is a tomboy who stays that way! (I really dislike stories where a tomboy turns into a girly girl after all. UGH)

Team Human is a YA parody of vampire romances with a surprising depth.
 Makes you laugh and makes you think.

“We've been working very hard in July!”

That doesn't mean you should ride Goslis now!

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