Friday, August 22, 2014

Bookworm Problems

I had a great time in the library today. Usually there aren't many people there in the evenings, so I had a whole sofa for myself. I got four books: The Silkworm (finally! I loved The Cuckoo's Calling, now I can read its sequel), two books about Japan for research and a historical mystery novel by Boris Akunin.

Does it count as selfie? 
Started reading The Silkworm as soon as I finished eating a bun. ^-^

I even did some people-watching from there, how social of me.

So, I got four books. It's not like I have that many library books at home already, right?

And this pile of my own books I'm reading isn't that big anyway.
(I forgot to include Yotsuba to! manga, oops.)

And here are the books I own that I mean to read ASAP, but there is this library...
I guess it's good that I'm reading faster this year? (-_-')

Book Polygamy: How To Read More Than One Book At A Time

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