Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Books I read in August

Hello, ten readers of this blog! ^.^ It's my monthly reading post again. In August I read an Egyptian author for the first time, lots of Korean and Japanese manga and some other things.

The books are presented to you by the Softy Dinosaurs!

HyeKyung Baek “Bring it on!” vol. 3 [South Korea]
HyeKyung Baek “Bring it on!” vol. 4 [South Korea]
HyeKyung Baek “Bring it on!” vol. 5 [South Korea]
Natsumi Hoshino “Neiti Koume, tiikeriraita” (キジトラ猫の小梅さん, Tiger-striped Koume-san) vol. 2 [Japan]
Nawal El Saadawi Zeina” [Egypt]
Åsa Larsson “The Blood Spilt” [Sweden]
Natsumi Hoshino “Neiti Koume, tiikeriraita” (キジトラ猫の小梅さん, Tiger-striped Koume-san) vol. 3 [Japan]
Steve Marchant The Cartoonist's Workshop” [UK]
Johanna Sinisalo “Kätketyt” [Finland]
Boris Akunin “Коронация, или Последний из Романов” [Russia]
Ai Yazawa “Paradise Kiss” vol.1 [Japan]
Ai Yazawa “Paradise Kiss” vol.2 [Japan]
Robert Galbraith “The Silkworm” [UK]
Boris Akunin “Любовница смерти” [Russia]

Bring it on! is awesome. Cute and funny story about a tomboy girl. I read it very fast and need more. Any recommendations? ^^

Lovely manga about fluffy cats.

Zeina is basically about Egyptian sexism. Men in this book are misogynists doing horrible stuff. Not an easy reading.

The Blood Spilt was supposed to be a thriller, but it's not. It portrays life in a Swedish village and main character's depression, and yes, there is murder, but very little and without much clues planted, so you just watch passively how the killer is presented to you in the end. I like using my brains when reading about crime, but here it was “Murder – life – life – life – life – life – ah, by the way, it was X who murdered Y” kind of thing. The life parts are nicely written though.

Some nice tips on drawing cartoons in The Cartoonist's Workshop. I already drew some stuff, but I keep forgetting to scan it. :D

This little book was too creepy, so the Dinosaurs didn't want to pose near it.

The Coronation by Boris Akunin

Boris Akunin is one of the biggest Russian mystery writers. This month I read two of his Erast Fandorin books. I highly recommend these historical novels – fast-paced thrilling action, charming Fandorin, interesting villains. It's really nice that Finnish libraries have Russian books like Akunin's. ^^ Ah, and these books have been translated to English, so why are you not reading them?

She Lover of Death by Boris Akunin

I started Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa and loved it. There are 3 more volumes left, can't wait. Last year I watched anime Nana based on Yazawa's manga series Nana. She knows how to create characters that feel so real that you want to be friends with them. Lots of punk and fashion here!

And my favourite reading of August. The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (who is actually J. K. Rowling, the holy mother of Harry Potter) is a sequel to equally awesome The Cuckoo's Calling. Well, maybe not equally, because in some ways The Silkworm even surpasses its predecessor. Main characters Cormoran Strike and Robin Ellacott are cutie pies and smarty pants, and I want to read at least 13 books about them (I like that number). The Silkworm is choke full of details, and if you pay attention, you might guess the murderer, but the story is never boring or predictable. There is danger, there is sadness, there is cold, snowy London and its lonely people. I even teared up a bit. And it features the most disgusting murder I've ever read about.

“We didn't actually read anything but, Katya, please feed us anyway!”
Okay. Lemme just find some paleo grass for you, it's somewhere in my cupboard I think.

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