Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Chibi desu

This UFO Catcher ball travelled all the way from Japan. Let's peek inside?

A tiny Serenity!

Sailor Cuteness Overload!




“I'll protect you, my princess!”

I think there is a bit of a size problem.

Princess Serenity brought with her tea and natto snacks.

I'm gathering my courage to taste them :D

Minako & Makoto

Rei & Ami

Usagi & Usagi, I mean, Serenity & Usagi
(Do we suspect there may be some kind of connection between Serenity and Usagi?)

Dancing on the Moon.

Every time I look at her, tunes from Sailor Moon start playing in my head, mostly Moon Medallion.

*nostalgic sobbing*

Oh well, can Katya resist posting metal here? Nope.

I love this guy ^.^ Plush Luna!

Where to buy SM merchandise:

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