Sunday, February 22, 2015

Angry chips, cuddly friends and not a penguin

Since there wasn't enough food in my previous post, here are a few more delicious things and something else!

Angry Birds are now chips!

Angry side eye.

Easter chocolate egg, kinda.

Gelatin-free gummy bears!


Katya approves too. :D

After eating koalas (that sounds evil) we went to a restaurant called Kultainen Tai...

And then to the Sello library where I checked an exhibition of Senegalese wood carvings (more photos later). Then we shopped for moar food. :D

We bought this chestnut paste, made in France! It's sweet and nomsy. I don't really know much about French cuisine apart from two facts: 1) they eat my friends, frogs; 2) they eat my friend Agnia's friends, snails. Not cool.

Of course I also couldn't resist a chocolate egg today, because they had Penguins of Madagascar toys. I haven't watched that movie, I just like penguins. The trailer seems fun though. ^^


I didn't get a penguin. :D

He's very serious!

“Katya, where is my penguin?”

Penny, this is your friend now, be a nice girl.

Okay, time to cuddle with cute friends and
read this awesome science fiction novel set in Nigeria. Bye!


  1. Привет после долгой разлуки! Спасибо за трейлер, очень жду пингвинчиков. Столько классных звериков в одном посте ))

    1. Зверики - это святое :-)


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