Thursday, February 18, 2016

Art: Quolls, Cats and Quokka!

I scanned tons of doodles some time ago and asked friends to choose what I should post first, cute animals or beautiful women. But the votes were 50/50! (With one more person challenging me to draw beautiful animals and cute women. ;p) So, because I'm a bit mischievous, I decided that my husband's vote had more weight. =D And he voted for cute animals!

I drew these quolls for my sweetheart. Eastern and western quolls. To show east and west I chose to draw rising and setting suns. ^^ It took 10 minutes to doodle!

Then I drew cats for Luthien: a baby cheetah, a serious looking manul and a Sphynx cat!

And then I drew a quokka for Agnia! Quokka is happiness. Quokka is joy.

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