Friday, February 26, 2016

Library Discoveries :)

Once in a while I go on a library adventure. I search through all sorts of books looking for stories and authors I never heard of. Today my interlibrary loan arrived, so I went to pick it up and found a few more books to satisfy* my bookworm cravings. : 3

I went to the kids and teens sections (I resisted the siren calls of adult science fiction and fantasy**).

- Zhao Yinong, Pan Yuanyuan “Panda's Adventure in the Crystal Valley of Lapland” (Pandan seikkailu Lapin Jäälaaksossa / 熊猫明明拉普兰冰谷历险记) [China, Finland]
- Sari Peltoniemi “Kissataksi”  [Finland]
- Holly Webb “Jess the Lonely Puppy” [UK]

- Мария Людвика Крюгер “Голубая бусинка” (Maria Krüger “Karolcia”) [Poland]
- Anu Holopainen  “Welman tytöt” [Finland]
- Agatha Christie “The Sittaford Mystery” [UK]

Christie is the only familiar to me author here! Book adventures! New worlds! Weehaa!

The library I visited is really cool! It's in Espoo, pretty close to Helsinki, and if you want to have a look I've posted many photos here.

* But only temporarily.
** Fine, fine, I'll admit, I did go there but didn't actually pick any books. ;p

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