Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Fanart: Das Muni from The Stars Are Legion

I find it very hard to focus on podcasts without doing something else at the same time, so when I was listening to Kameron Hurley's very cool podcast the other day I felt the need to do something nonverbal. I chose drawing. First I drew three random women who look like they could be from a Hurley novel (I think the podcast filled me with badassery – it's a Kameron Hurley thing, go read her books).

And then I drew Das Muni from her organically-grown space opera The Stars Are Legion. Das Muni is my favourite character in that book! Melted my heart right away. I need more Das Muni in my life! *sobs*

Click to enlarge!

Das Muni: “I brought a snack. It's oozy, yum!”

 Random woman #1
Magic! Whoosh!

Random women #2 and 3
Do you think they are plotting something?

P.S. The hardest part was scanning these drawings. For some reason there's always stuff on my scanner. No idea how it gets there. I keep cleaning it but they always come back! Such a mystery...

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