Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hot Pep Tricolor [Daily Photo #412]

Look what I found in Prisma!

Pick-&-Joy® peppers in a pot! ^u^

Here's what their site says:

“There is something special about our Hot Pep Tricolor chile peppers. Normal chile peppers grow underneath the leaves and change color quickly. Tricolor peppers do things differently.
The chile peppers slowly turn from lime green, through orange to their eventual red color. The process is very gradual so there will be all kinds of different colors on the plant at any time. To show off this spectacle the chile peppers are not hidden under the leafs of the plant, they stick out on top. This is a mild chile pepper which is often used to enhance flavor without making a dish too spicy.”

“Pollination: Insects play an important role in pollination; if the plant is located indoors, pollination can be encouraged by tapping the vine of flower cluster when blooming starts.”

I'll keep it indoors till it's warm outside.

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