Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Rural or Urban? [Daily Photo #530]

A beautiful field near Leppävaara station.

Who said that cities must be all buildings and roads and no agriculture? ;)

Reminds me of my grandparents' village...

After walking in the field we got hungry, so we went to Salaattiasema in Sello, again. It was even more delicious this time! Our salad had lettuce, beet falafel, quinoa, soy chunks, carrots, butternut squash with beans, various seeds, and lime-lemon dressing. Om nom nom nom!

Bonus pics! I had to feed these little birdies (I just happened to have oat flakes in my pocket!), and my husband took pictures.

How can you not feed someone who looks at you like the one on the right? =D

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