Sunday, October 22, 2017

Kitsune [Daily Photo #570]

Kitsune: “Hello, have you been studying Japanese lately?”
Um... Does singing in Japanese count?.. No?...
Kitsune: ...
あの。。。 頭が痛いです。

Kitsune: “I see. Well, remember to read manga in Japanese, at least!”

Kitsune: “And what is this?”
鳴り物です。I mean, I was just playing a little music here.
Kitsune: “With that ruler as a plectrum? Seriously? Anything not to study Japanese?”

Kitsune: “Okay, listen. Eating sushi does NOT count as studying Japanese!
You're hopeless! You didn't even make these yourself.”
But it's delicious??
Kitsune: 「あなたは怠け者だ!」

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