Monday, December 11, 2017

Tea Match [Daily Photo #619]

“White dragon”

So, because I'm silly and like challenges I decided to match each tea bag from an assortment we bought recently to one of my toys. Some were easy, some…well! =D

The colours match Mako-chan's outfit.

“Tiger's daydreams” indeed!

The wise one is of course a snake.

“White bear”

The closest to an orangutan I could get. =D

“White elephant” - almost!

Almost a crocodile.

Well, Serenity is Japanese, so!

Not a giraffe but similarly loooong.

Cats to cats.

Green to green.

“Emperor's bride”

“White tiger”

“Rainy day joy”

This one was easy.

“Caribbean sun” - they look like a sailor who might have travelled to the Caribbean Sea.

“Faithful friend”

And a group photo. =D

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