Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fanart: Mally's Puppies - わんわんの世界

Since it's not a secret that Mally really, REALLY likes dogs, I decided to draw her as a puppy for her birthday. And since it's not a secret that I really, REALLY like Mally, I ended up drawing six of them. :D Each puppy represents one of many styles of Mally. But, I'm sure there is some hair colour I missed. :D

The Wan Drums!*
お誕生日おめでとうございます!   \(^o^)/

And then I thought, how cute would such a puppy look at the drummer's seat? Can those short paws even reach anything? ^^

To hear Mally (the human version) play, check this song:

To watch the adorableness unfold, watch this video where Mally talks about dogs (with passion):

More music from exist trace!**

* “Wan wan” means bark, woof in Japanese. ^-^
** You can buy their music in many places, such as Google Play and CD Japan. ;-)

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