Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Books I read in October: naked boys, bug magic and exiled gods

Because there weren't enough books in my previous post, here is a list of all I read last month, brought to you by The Latvian Bunny.

Gwyneth Jones “Bold As Love” [UK]
Yuu Watase “Absolute Boyfriend” vol. 1 [Japan]
Yuu Watase “Absolute Boyfriend” vol. 2 [Japan]
Marguerite Abouet Aya de Yopougon” vol.1 [Ivory Coast, France]
N.K. Jemisin “The Broken Kingdoms” [USA]
Yuu Watase “Absolute Boyfriend” vol. 3 [Japan]
Yuu Watase “Absolute Boyfriend” vol. 4 [Japan]
Yuu Watase “Absolute Boyfriend” vol. 5 [Japan]
Yuu Watase “Absolute Boyfriend” vol. 6 [Japan]
Kameron Hurley “God's War” [USA]

That awkward moment when an award-winning novel is boring. 
Barely managed to finish this one. :(

Aya de Yopougon is a nice graphic novel about girls' lives in Ivory Coast. 
Lush art and endearing characters. ^^

I'm trying to read more African books to get to know this huge continent better. This year I read Ayaan Hirsi Ali's Infidel (Somalia) and Nawal El Saadawi's Zeina (Egypt) and got The Other Me (South Africa) from library. If you have any African recommendations (especially fantasy, science fiction and mystery novels) please let me know, here or on Twitter.

Marguerite Abouet

Absolute Boyfriend was HILARIOUS.

It was also very naked.

It's a manga about an android, so that makes it a sort of sci-fi comedy romance something :D

I enjoyed author's column as well. She seems cute. ^^

I need to learn how to draw such expressive faces :D

Obligatory obaasan for Rurousha.

N.K. Jemisin quickly became one of my favourite authors. I was so in love with her writing in The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and The Killing Moon earlier this year, that when I started The Broken Kingdoms (book II of The Inheritance Trilogy), it felt so nice, like coming home. ^^ The Broken Kingdoms tells the story of Oree, a blind artist who saves a strange person only to get into a lot of trouble with... I'm not spoiling you :D

And then I ended my month with a gritty book about bug magic, deserts & female bounty hunters. Lots of violence and cool stuff, hopefully I'll make a post about God's War soon. It's very good.

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