Saturday, December 20, 2014

Russian chocolate

When sweet hobbits* agreed to meet my mom in Moscow and bring a package from her to Finland, I asked her not to buy too many sweets**. “Just one chocolate block is enough.” But my mom's memory is very selective, it seems, because apparently she only remembered “buy chocolate”. :D Here is her idea of “one chocolate.”

“Although cocoa originated in the Americas, today Western Africa produces almost two-thirds of the world's cocoa, with Côte d'Ivoire growing almost half of it.” 

Kozinaki (gozinaki გოზინაყი) on the left is a Georgian confection but it's very common in Russia too.

Famous “Alyonka.”

The hobbits participated in chocolating our kitchen as well. Here is what they called “a philological surprise” - chocolate-covered dates with almonds. Dates in Russians = finiki финики, which is also how we lovingly call Finns sometimes. :)

My Finn enjoyed eating “finiki” a lot. Suspicious.

And not a candy but smells like one! Vegan Christmas soap from Lush.

Why can't I eat it?!

*This is how they introduced themselves long ago, and I still call them hobbits. ^^ They named me Aragorn because I was their guide showing them Villa Elfvik (now Rivendell, obviously) and the nature around it. The hobbits met a grey cat on their way there and named it Gandalf. We also saw a dragon on a playground, but it didn't have any gold.

**She buys too many sweets all the time, see here. :)


  1. wowwww that's sweet of you :) I loved reading and watching all these pictures with delicious russian chocolates. The “Alyonka” is nr.1 for me :) Happy Sunday! Liuba x

  2. Yeah, it really looks like just one block of chocolate :D
    Did you see 3rd part of The Hobbit already? ^^ Jānis gave me a large teddy bear that day when we saw the movie.. And I named her Melian - just couldn't think about anything else but Tolkien's books :D

    1. We still have't finished eating all of that. :D There were also two bags of candy. :D

      No, I haven't. The second movie was so long I almost fell asleep in the theater. :DDD So I'll probably watch this one at home where I can pause and make a cup of tea or have a big meal. ^^

      Maybe Pirozhok wants to see it too, I wonder. Do you have photos of Melian?


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