Sunday, December 7, 2014

Villa Elfvik & Hazelnut Coffee

Today there was a Christmas market in Villa Elfvik, one of my favourite places in Espoo. They were selling local organic food and many cuuuute decorations. It was so crowded! And we ate cakes. :D

That cake with almond flakes was incredibly delicious. 
Does anyone know its name? Recipe? S.O.S.
Update: toskakakku! (I'm linking to the vegan version, of course ^^)

You can see the villa on the background.
(And many more photos here.)

At the gates.

A bird crowd.

Then I went to the library. Of course. 

They had penguins. ^^

And soon there'll be a book Xmas tree in the Sello library!
(Leppävaarankatu 9, Espoo)

And I bought something that smelled too good – hazelnut flavoured coffee from Lidl.

I predict an appearance of hyperactive owls in the future.


  1. Какое новогоднее настроение у вас! Сказка)

    1. Ещё бы снега нам! :D

    2. Катя, сегодня выслала посылочку - килограммов 10. Хватит на первое время, а там ещё подкинем)

    3. Спасибо :) На снеговика хватит :)))


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