Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A little bit about my writing

Sometimes you don't know you need something till you get it.

Writing is a solitary process. You scribble in the middle of the night, you daydream figuring out all the plot points and character development, you draw your characters, you edit... all of that alone.

And then you get stuck. And you try to find solutions to your plot problems but nothing seems to work. Or you lose inspiration and get distracted with non-writing things. Sure, reading interviews with writers or articles on writing is inspiring, it feels good and I often get ideas! But... I rarely do any actual writing afterwards... ^^'

However, lately I've been very productive with my stories. And one of the reasons is – I have a writer friend now! (^o^)/ I used to think that writer friends were just for moral support and networking, I didn't know having one would be so magically INSPIRING *_* 

And I ffffinally cleaned my messy desk (a bit) and put all my writing-related books there. Hopefully I'll remember to actually use them! ^^;

Writing Fiction For Dummies (it sounds silly but it's a great book!)
The Writer's Guide to Psychology: How to Write Accurately about Psychological Disorders, Clinical Treatment and Human Behavior

Your Writing Coach: From Concept to Character, from Pitch to Publication 
Creativity Now: Get inspired, create ideas and make them happen! 
Focus: Use the power of targeted thinking to get more done

(You might say I'm a fan of Jurgen Wolff's books. ^^ He has a cool blog too!)

Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction

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