Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My old book friends

Whenever I have guests from Moscow I ask them, if possible, to bring some of my old books. Last time I counted my books – which was a year or two before I moved to Finland – I had ~260 books. I bought a few more after that, just a couple... Right now I managed to move about 100 of my old books, so we're far from done yet. ^^;

Here is what my father brought this time:

Vadim Panov (books 1& 2 of The Secret Town, urban fantasy series set in Moscow)
Lord Byron's poems in English and Russian
3 stories by Marina and Sergey Dyachenko (Ukrainian SFF)
a book about the Sami people 

(Earlier my father brought these books, and my friends brought these ones.)

It's interesting to see how much my reading preferences have changed. I still love science fiction and fantasy the most, but I read more women and mostly in English now, and I try to find books from all sorts of countries. Also I need more LGBTQIA characters in them. ^^ For example, right now I'm reading an anthology of Central-Asian women writers called Nightingale in Cage.

Pirozhok and Schenok are photobombing.


  1. Мне кажется, что смена предпочтений в выборе книг - это вполне естественное явление. Мы развиваемся, меняемся, растем, интересуемся чем-то новым и наши вкусы просто соответствуют тому внутреннему состоянию, в котором мы находимся в данный момент времени.
    Но есть любимые книги, которые навсегда)))

    1. Мне ещё нравится расширять кругозор. Например, в прошлом году я прочитала несколько книг африканских авторов:
      Очень интересно было! Незнакомые страны всё-таки.


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