Monday, May 4, 2015

Penny and Snow

In winter, I promised Penny, my plush penguin, that I'd take her for a walk, and we'd make a snowman together. But... I kept sleeping late, and weather wasn't perfect, and I'm a master of excuses, so... The snowman didn't happen.

However, snow returned in March.

She had to drag me out of bed.

But it was too dark outside by the time we got to the lake...

“Yeah... That went well.”

And snow was too hard anyway.

I upset my penguin...

“Maybe I should just wait here...”

Back home, Penny tried to find snow in the freezer...

… and in ice cream.

“This is what despair looks like, Katya!”
Like you're not gonna enjoy eating it, Penny!

But! More snow fell!

And we actually went to the forest.

And Penny...

… made her snowman.
Well, snowpenguin. ;-)

“It's an emperor penguin, kneel before her majesty.”
Penny, that's going too far...

“I made it all by myself, Katya didn't help because she's not reliable.”
Ugh. I guess I deserve it... :-)

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