Friday, June 3, 2016

Daily Photo #63: Vegan Food & Shampoo

Two vegetarians walked into a shop… =D

And also ordered some more food and stuff from Vegekauppa!

Vegan shampoo and yummies! Vegan pasta with smoked tofu, vegan popsicle mix, vegan whipped cream, vegan jerky, vegan sausages, vegan chocolate-hazelnut spread, vegan chocolate… But never mind that! It is known that vegetarians and vegans eat ONLY salad. ;p

Pirozhok, that's my shampoo...
“Not any more. I need to take care of my fluffy tail! :)”

I haven't used this shampoo before but their shower gel was very nice so I think I will like this shampoo as well! ^^

“All SANTE Natural Cosmetics products are developed and produced according to strict quality criteria. Natural raw materials like plant-sourced oils, fats and waxes, herbal extracts and distillates of blossoms are used, and also essential oils and aromas from certified organic cultivation (kbA) or wild-harvesting.
As well as the careful choice of raw materials used, the ecological tolerance of each product plays an important role, which means manufacturing processes that are very careful with the environment and resources, the optimal biodegradability of raw materials and finished products, and also the sparing use of recyclable packing materials.”

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