Thursday, November 17, 2016

New Pencils, Stickers and Obscura Burning [Daily Photo #230]

Shiny new things arrived from Adlibris the other day! Watercolour pencils, metallic pencils, sticky notes and a new book from the awesome Suzanne van Rooyen!

By the way these pencils are pretty cheap despite being great quality.

Obscura Burning, yessss!

This is a second edition (see more details here), and although I've read the first one already thanks to the library, I knew I had to have my own copy of this new Obscura! ^u^ I hear it's an improved version but if the first edition was already awesome, am I going to be mindblown even more with this one?! Will my brain survive this adventure? Only one way to find out...

(Also, also, I got Suzanne van Rooyen's Scardust earlier this year. Of course it was COOOOOL, too. This writer rocks!)

And so you can enjoy the cover in all its glory...

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