Sunday, January 15, 2012

Видео с животными для вас :). Animal videos for you ^^

Манул. Pallas's cat (Otocolobus manul)
Helsinki zoo

Обезьянки умны :) Monkeys are smart ^^

Кошачий массаж :)


  1. I recently discovered this one:


    1. Wow O_O The cat seems to trust that woman. Or is kitty just using her as a cushion? ^^

      And it's in Russian! Isn't it weird that you show me something Russian I never heard about? :))

    2. I immediately thought of you when I saw that Russian video! ^^ I hadn't (at that point) read this post yet.

      Knowing cats, that cat is exploiting her human as a cushion!

  2. Такие классные)) Мне особенно манул понравился, такой толстый и пушистый ^^

    1. У него ещё и латинское имя классное, оказывается, - колобок :)

  3. The cat massager looks excellently skillful.

    By the way, I thought every cat is a skillful massager and in fact two cats I had before did that. It is said to be the trace (am I using the right word?)in sucking milk from their mother as a kitten. Coo,however, never does this movement. Is that because he didn't have memory of sucking milk from his mother? If so, how pity he is. Or he might say, "Don't worry, I've been happy enough."

    1. I prefer to think he has been very happy ^^


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