Wednesday, January 18, 2012


  Monday. Strange giggles could be heard in our apartment. There were also a few jumps. Can you guess what happened? Our order from Amazon came! ^______^
  Понедельник. Странные хихиканья раздавались в нашей квартире. Также были и несколько прыжков. Можете догадаться, что произошло? К нам пришёл заказ с Амазона! :)))

La la la la la la la la ♪

Let's have a look.

No no, I didn't choose this book because it has an animal on the cover. I just like authors with wild imagination ^.^
Нет-нет, я выбрала эту книжку не из-за зверюшки на обложке. Просто я люблю писателей с безграничным воображением :).

Well, fine, this one has only animal characters. I was supposed to read it in childhood but I'm a little slow. And I love fantasy.
Ну лан, вот в этой все герои — животные. В теории я должна была прочесть её ещё в детстве, но я немножко заторможена. И я люблю фэнтези.

And this one doesn't have any animals because it's vegan ^.^
А в этой книге нет животных, потому что она веганская :).


But there are animals here! So fluffy!
Зато тут есть живность! Пушистая!

I love these illustrations. I watched the movie, it's very beautiful and sweet.
Обожаю эти иллюстрации. Я смотрела фильм, «Таинственный сад», очень красивый и милый.

Can I play with them, please?
Можно я с ними поиграю, ну позязя?

And not a book. Surprise! But there are horses and cows there, in that space tale.
И не книга. Сюрприз! Но там есть лошадки и коровки, в этой космической истории.


P.S. Peaceful view from my window.
Умиротворяющий вид из окна.


  1. I'm so glad I discovered this blog! Many reasons, but a very important one: you keep introducing me to new books! Neil Gaiman, hmmm? Looks very promising. Enjoy playing with your books! ^^

    1. ^_^

      I knew Gaiman's work from Babylon 5 TV-series where he wrote the script for Day of the Dead episode - one of my favourites in that show. A few days ago I finished his The Graveyard Book about a boy raised by ghosts O_O And Neverwhere is originally TV-series that I once watched a very long time ago but I still remember that world. And one of main characters' name, Door o_O Who names a girl Door? ^^

      I'm trying to choose what to read next, ah, I want a book in Russian for a change but English ones keep seducing me!


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