Thursday, February 2, 2012

I wanna see this...

Big miracle

Все любят китов

Interview in English with Russian subtitles.


  1. ТОлько вчера на утреннем канале видела рекламу этого фильма и чуть не прослезилась....

    1. Вон она какая, сила искусства - уже с трейлера трогает за душу. Что же будет от фильма? :)

  2. Slightly off topic, or maybe not, but a friend has just forwarded this link to me, and I immediately thought of you! Enjoy:

    1. That's so cu.. kawa.. sweet, I mean!

      So now dolphins are charmed by cats as well. They are sure good at conquering the world ;-) I like how the cat touches her new friend with her paw, so gentle and demanding in the same time :)

    2. Grin. How do you say "cute" in Russian and Finnish? Russian transcribed to the Roman alphabet, if possible, onegai shimasu!

    3. Finnish: Onpa söpöä! (that's cute!) or: Söpöä!

      Russian: tak milo! (so cute!) or just: milo! that's neutral, works for everything.
      Masc. goes like this for example: on takoi milyi - he is so cute
      Fem.: ona takaya milaya - she is so cute ^^
      You just gave me an idea for a post to my blog about Russian language, thanks! ^^ I don't remember any videos on Youtube teaching you Russian words of cuteness.

      I just realized that I usually use 'cute' and 'kawaii' because we use English with my hubby (and we both study Japanese). I hope to never forget 'milo' and such :D

    4. Aha, Russian does the masculine/feminine thing as well. That used to drive me nuts when I was studying German.

      I will remember milo easily, because there's a chocolate-y drink called Milo! ;)

      So get writing already! I'd love to read more about the Russian language. :D

      PS: Finnish has even more diacritics than Afrikaans. Complicates your typing, doesn't it?

    5. Yeah, I have to switch to the Finnish layout just to type ö and ä. But it's easier than Japanese ^^ My keyboard is anyway Finnish, so at least I know where those letters are.

      German is on my to-learn list ^^


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