Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ига-га! Horses! :)

Лошадки и ослики в детском зоопарке в Тампере.
Horses and donkeys in the kids zoo in Tampere.

Niffe, Sanni & Mimmi ^^

«Я не лошадь!»
“I'm not a horse!”

«И я тоже! Хватит делать снимки!»
“Yeah, me neither! Stop taking pictures!”


  Моя любимая порода — ахалтекинец. Волшебные лошади — изящные, блестящие золотом, сильные. Топ-модели лошадиного мира :). Вот посмотрите:
  My favourite type of horse is Akhal-Teke. Magic horses — elegant, shining with gold, strong. Top models of equine world :). Look:

Ещё видео тут. More videos here.


  1. Hello! Very interesting place! Thank You very much for sharing!

  2. There's so much to enjoy in this post, I hardly know where to start. I love dappled horses. The donkeys are so (may I use this word?) cute! ^^ That goat looks like the lord of all that he surveys!

    Akhal-Tekes have the most magnificent action: they don't run, they flow like water. Thank you for this. You've made a former rider and still very big horse fan very happy.

    1. That's what I was hoping for ;-)

      I like dappled horses too. In Russian they are called "in apples". And if it's small dark speckles, it's called "in buckwheat" ^^ So instead of 'dapple gray' we say 'gray in apples'. Cool, huh?

      If I could have a horse, I'd be torn between their colours. Dapple gray Orlov Trotter, golden or shining black Akhal-Teke or chocolate brown with light mane (what's the English word for that?) Clydestale-like horse with looong hair...

    2. What do you call a horse with a dark coat and a light mane? I didn't know, but I was so curious - I'm a trivia junkie - that I started Googling. Look what I found:

      I think I'd like a silver dapple apple horse! ^^

    3. Wow, the first horse looks so nice! Whiskers ^^

  3. Лошади - сказка! А моя любимая порода фризские вороные красавцы. Соблазнила, пойду про любимцев в блог накидаю.

    1. Таким коняшкам я бы косы плела вечно :)

  4. Да, лошади необыкновенные животные!
    Недавно тоже о ЛОШАДКАХ писала!!!


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