Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hand wash? Ручная стирка?

Pirozhok's label says “hand wash only”.
На Пирожковской бирочке говорится: «только ручная стирка».

I think I know why. He doesn't fit! :D
Теперь я знаю почему. Он не влезает! :D


  1. Так рассмешил меня этот пост :D Ведь и правда он просто не влезает, слишком толстый))

    1. Ещё я думала, что он ведь енот-полоскун, но стирать сам не может - лапки такие маленькие, что не дотягиваются друг до друга - полоскать не выйдет :))

  2. He'd fit into an ofuro or an onsen! ^^

    Do I have Pirozhok's permission to talk about something else entirely? I recently discovered a great blog that you should enjoy too: it's about Japan, history, art, Edo, etc. It's written in both Japanese and English, so it's great for people who are learning Japanese. It's called A Hundred Views of Edo. :)

    1. Now I'm imagining Pirozhok taking a bath! What have you done? :D

      Thanks for the link! Scarrry, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it after the first reaction passes ^^ Virtual traveling in space and time will be fun :) I should practice Japanese more often. And not by watching Sailor Moon only. (-_-')

      P.S. Pirozhok rarely minds anything as long as it's not a diet. :D

    2. I'm imagining Pirozhok sitting in a steamy hot outdoors onsen, while it's snowing. He's drinking hot chocolate. Of course. ;)

      PS: I've just seen your flag counter. Five visitors from South Africa. I wonder how THEY discovered your blog?! :-p

    3. Well, you did share the link to Forest Lair in your blog ;) And I mentioned rooibos here.

      Ah, I checked Google Analytics. It says they are all from Cape Town, but only 3 came from your blog.


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