Thursday, June 21, 2012

A church in Fili. Церковь в Филях

  Photos from 2007, May and November. This is the Church of Intercession in Fili, Moscow. I often saw it on my way to university. You can read about this church here. I think it's a beautiful and interesting building.
  Фотки 2007 года, май и ноябрь. Это Церковь Покрова в Филях, по пути в мой универ. По-моему, очень необычное и красивое здание. Можно почитать о ней здесь.

This church was built in 1690-1694.
Церковь была построена в 1690-1694.

I especially like its stairs.
Особенно нравятся лестницы.

I like wrought iron stuff ^.^
Люблю всякую чугунную ковку :)

  How many times I had to almost run past this church, because again I was late for lectures... :D
  Сколько раз я мимо неё чуть ли не бежала, в очередной раз опаздывая на лекции... :D


  1. Wow!
    So amazing figure and scenery.
    The round and gold ornaments are miraculous.
    Thank you for sharing !

    1. =^.^= They are called onion domes. It was nice to see something pretty after a stressful day in uni :)

  2. Красиво! Фото настроение определенное создают!

  3. Magnificent but also a bit forbidding. Not a wedding venue. Or is my imagination running away from me again? ^^

    1. Orthodox churches often seem forbidding to me. They are too serious ^^ Not like Finnish Lutheran churches where they hold music events or your quirky Japanese temples with sexy daikons ^^


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