Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tiny gifts. Малюсенькие подарки

This is for a certain South African barbarian in Tokyo:

This is for Olesik in Moscow:


This is for Agnia in Tashkent:

All snow leopards were hiding, sorry...

I didn't find tikli (Carduelis carduelis), so here is tilhi (Bombycilla garrulus) :)

And for everyone:
И для всех:

“I'm really bored.”
«Мне тааак скучно.»

“Gosh, I'm so pretty.”
«Боже, я такой красавчик.»


  1. My present is a Przewalski's horse? MWAH! Big kiss thank you спасибо!

    Uh-oh. Now she's going to tell me that women are supposed to say spasibA not -bo, or that it's inappropriately formal or informal ...

    Oh never mind, who cares about language?, look, it's a Przewalski's horse! This is better than chocolate!

    Thank you, Ekaterina, from a very happy barbarian! (^0^)

    1. Imagine a piece of chocolate size of a horse... with mane and tail of white chocolate ^.^

      I have a book by Przewalski (the man, not the horse), but I haven't read it yet. I wonder if these horses are there and what he wrote about them.

      Last November a new horse was born in the zoo, we saw it today. I'll post more later :) It's already quite big but still baby-cute.

  2. I'm pretending this is a collection of my horse's family portraits! :D

    PS: Guess who's now seeing visions of horses galloping over the steppe, and northern (eastern?) barbarians battling it out, and ...

    1. Ah, in one of my books there will be a few chapters (I think) set in Mongolian steppes a few centuries ago. It'll be a fantasy/sci-fi book but no elves, dwarves or dragons.

    2. So finish that book already so that I can read it! :D

    3. That one is still on the stage of "collect as many ideas as you can, outline the first draft, make research and hope to one day write the novel" :)

  3. ))) скромные барсы и впрямь не любят внимание! А почти тикли мне даже больше понравился))

    1. Они так близко сидели, прям напрашивались на фотосессию :) Это зал, где птицы не отгорожены от тебя ничем, хотя они всё равно к посетителям не лезут. Вот там была целая стайка свиристелей :)

  4. Great shots!Amazing how many languages you know! Thanks for visiting my blog and taking time to comment.


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