Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I've been tempted! Искушают тут!

  Seems my little addiction to wasabi snacks is not a secret anymore ^.^ ありがとうございます! They sure disappear quickly, I wonder why, ahem. O:-) I had to ask my hubby to hide one of the packages, so that at least that one survives till morning. :D
  Похоже, моя страсть к снекам с васаби ни для кого уже не секрет :). Аригатоу годзаимас! Только уж больно быстро они испаряются... O:-) Попросила мужа спрятать одну пачку, чтобы до утра хоть она дожила :D.

P.S. New soap holder ^.^ Новая мыльница :).

P.P.S. Pollen after rain O_O Пыльца после дождя О_О


  1. That's pollen?! Oh, my, I start sneezing just looking at the photo! (+_+)

    1. Aw, I didn't mean to! This spring was super polleny here. I still haven't washed windows... The table and chairs we have outside got all yellow, washing them was pain.

  2. I have bad pollen allergy, but it is a good capture photo!
    Holland also had a heavy pollen Spring.


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